2019 Dues

This is a reminder that 2019 dues must be received by the end of the day on Thursday, January 31st to avoid late fees and loss of access to the clubhouse facilities.

Thank you,

Auburn Meadows Homeowners Association

4th of July Celebration

Fireworks in Auburn Meadows!

Our community's annual celebration!

Our community’s annual celebration is a blast for young and old. We have a “decorate your bike” parade for the youngsters. Following with a picnic in the park while getting to know our neighbors old and new as we await for the anticipated fantastic fireworks display!

We hope you make plans to attend this fun and all family event. Bring your blanket and lawn chairs for an evening of fun!

Clubhouse/pool access waivers and system upgrade

Update 5/29: Letters were sent out to all residents and Key fobs for entry to the clubhouse and pool are available. Please go to auburnmeadows.org/pool and click the link for waiver. Print it, fill it out and submit it to the Auburn Meadows Clubhouse at 18211 Auburn Meadows Drive.  Your key fob will be delivered to you as soon as possible. If you need a key for adult swim, prior to the completion of the install of the magnetic lock,  please contact Terri Jungels. The mag lock is expected to be operational for adult swim within a few days.

Have a safe and fun Memorial Day!

Hopefully many of you are already aware that the access system for the clubhouse is being upgraded. Each household needing access to the clubhouse, fitness center and pool will need to complete and submit a new waiver to the clubhouse at 18211 Auburn Meadows Drive. There are new 2016 waivers on the website for clubhouse and pool access along with new forms for adult swim, pool party rental and an independent guest. There will be a new key chain style fob issued for access to the facilities. As soon as the waivers are received by the board, they will be issued one per household to start. The old cards will no longer be used.  The fobs were expected to arrive last week. However, they did not arrive and are now expected first of this week. The board is planning to be available one evening so residents can come by the clubhouse to pick up their new key fob. You will be notified as soon as the key fob shipment is received. The rest will be distributed as quickly as possible. Each key fob will be tied to the resident’s address. Each entry to the facilities will now be time stamped and recorded. This measure has become necessary due to the rate of non-resident traffic and abuse of the resources in the clubhouse. Paired with 24/7 camera surveillance and monitored alarm system, this should end the mischief quickly. Your patience will be greatly appreciated. This has been a project brought to you by volunteers from your neighborhood!


Have a great summer!


New Temporary Clubhouse Security Access

We have replaced the lock on the clubhouse with a combination electronic deadbolt until we get the new security/access system completely installed.

The mag lock is unplugged. The new deadbolt operation is as follows.
1.Press center “lock” button and keypad lights up.
2. Enter code (get the code via the contacts below) and lock will open.
3. Upon exit push center “lock” button and lock will engage.
4. After 30 seconds of no operations the lock will engage automatically.
This is temporary until the new system is up and running. Please contact Brad Bollinger by email bradley_bollinger@yahoo.com first if you need access. If you do not get response from him please call Doug Ledgett at (910) 367-9927. This system will be very short term and not everyone should be needing access.